About Our Organization

United SERTOMA (SERvice TO MAnkind) in Lemont, Illinois, is a volunteer-based 501 (c)(3) charitable organization chartered in 1996 by a group of dedicated individuals who had a desire to help those in need of assistance in their Lemont community. Over the past twenty years, our organization has grown and the need has become greater of families and organizations not only in Lemont, but the Lockport and Homer Glen communities as well.

SERTOMA Code of Ethics

I affirm my allegiance to God and to my country. I believe in the everlasting endurance of my country through law and order.

I believe in The SERTOMA Club and its principles of cooperation, friendship and mutual helpfulness.

I pledge myself as follows: to realize that I am a business or professional person ambitious to succeed, but that I am first an ethical person and wish no success that is not founded on the highest justice and morality. To use my greatest endeavor to elevate the standard of the calling in which I am engaged and to conduct myself in such a way that others my find it wise, profitable and conducive to happiness to follow my example. To understand that one of the greatest assets of the business or professional person is the friendship and that true friends demand nothing of one another. To abuse the confidence of friendship is unethical and not in keeping with the principles of true cooperation, as adhered to by SERTOMA International.

The SERTOMA Club exists for the high and noble purpose of benefitting mankind at large. True SERTOMA spirit is not competitive. All real Sertomans live up to the belief that true cooperation is not confined to the limits of the SERTOMA Club but should extend to the limits of the race itself.

The emblem is a badge of true fellowship, assistance and friendship, and will always stand as an ever-present reminder of the great strength of those united, and the frail weakness of the separated. The Roman fasces ever recalls the ancient lesson of the bundle of branches which it was impossible to break when bound together, but was easily destroyed when separated. It is the hope that SERTOMA clubs be bound closely together in the spirit of cooperation, fellowship and good will in SERTOMA International, that they will be an unbreakable power for good, advancement, helpfulness and strength in every community.

Finally, I believe that the dignity and character of industry can be sustained and improved by SERTOMA International, to which I fully pledge my support, and will so administer my affairs as to reflect credit on this great organization.

Our Mission

The SERTOMA Foundation, an international charity, believes that universal communication, whether heard, seen or spoken, is the key to human understanding. The purpose of the SERTOMA Foundation is to support the approved charitable and educational programs of our SERTOMA family through effective fund raising, investment of funds and the distribution of proceeds. Through the financial support of SERTOMA’s programs, we become the catalyst for greater human understanding and Service to Mankind. (Adopted at the July 1990 International Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.)

SERTOMA exists for the high and noble purpose of SERvice TO MAnkind by communication of thoughts, ideas and concepts to accelerate human progress in health, education, freedom and democracy.

The History of SERTOMA International

The first official luncheon meeting of the founding Club was held on April 11, 1912, at the Coates House Hotel, then the fashionable hotel in Kansas City, Missouri. The founder's of the first Co-Operative Club were George W. Smith, M.D., Charles E. Allen, M.D. and William R. Rowe. These three men are now recognized as the Founding Fathers of The Co-operator Club of Kansas City, Missouri, and of SERTOMA International.

The name by which the first Sertoma Club was identified was the "Stand Together Club." This name was used even before the Club was officially organized as The Co-Operative Club of Kansas City, Missouri.

The Kansas City Club progressed rapidly from its very beginning. Originally, there was no throughout of starting a new national or International organization. Consequently, the club was a Kansas City institution for a period of several years. However, as members moved to other cities, a few of them started similar Clubs.